Our 4×4 Workshop Facilities

AXT 4×4 Workshop:


Owning or purchasing your own Dyno system is quite expensive and sometimes not affordable for some mechanics, so they are left in a tricky place as many customers and clients wish to know the power and torque that their car is currently producing and what it potentially could produce. No problem! The AXT team has a brilliant proposal for you.

You take the bookings, we provide the Dyno. If your business can take in bookings, you can simply hire out our Dyno system and bring down the vehicle to be tested on our dyno or worked on in our available workshop spaces. We will provide you with one of our specialised AXT Technicians also to aid you in the testing and tuning of the vehicle your clients have handed over.

Basic AXT Turbo Workshop Rates:

Standard Hourly Bay Rate= $121 inc GST/Hour with minimum 1 hour booking time allotment, includes 1 technician.

Most workshops invoices will include an environmental rate to cover for correct and safe wast product removal, including cleaning chemicals and oils etc. Typically this will add less than 2% to your total invoice for all normal service. Where unusually high environmental waste impact may be present, you will be notified prior to work commencing, of any additional charge or fee.

Basic Dyno Rates:

  • Minimum rate for 2WD tie down, setup and one run: $49
  • Minimum rate for 4WD tie down, setup and one run: $99
  • After this run you will be charged at $99 an hour in 15 minute increments.
  • Dynotime includes 1 technician and is counted ALL THE TIME the car is on the dyno including when the rollers are idle, or when the technician is working in the engine compartment.
  • Dyno run printouts (B&W Laser) $5/sheet.
  • Dyno run email (colour) $2.50/run
  • Certified dynamometer HP Printout ( Colour) $120.00
  • Dyno Video (4channel) is available for $25/4gb USB (approx. 1hour of raw footage)
  • We also have professional editing services available from $250/video.


Vehicle Storage Rate:

Storage for uncollected vehicles is currently $105/day and may be stored in an off-site discretion, unless alternative arrangements have been made prior to any service agreement commencing (including quoting).

Old Parts Policy:

All old/unused parts or components will be disposed of immediately, unless we are specifically requested to retain and return them.

Vehicle Protection/Insurance:

It is expected that all vehicles left for any works are covered by an appropriate level of insurance and protection from the owner’s current policy. A daily rate policy and mechanical failure policy MAY be available in some circumstances (subject to insurer approval). Please ask if desired.

Below is a video of our state of the art dyno setup on a test run: