About Us

Why us:

For 30 years AXT Turbo has been Australia’s #1 4wd Performance Tuning and Turbo Centre.

We design turbo systems to suit a wide range of vehicles, we can also upgrade turbo systems in most factory turbo’ed cars.

Now we are continuing our legacy as we expand into our very own 4wd only department for maintenance and repair of our customers 4wd’s and also the installation of our world renowned X11 Turbo series.

Our commitment to research and development means we can offer customers state-of-the-art, engineered solutions that deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

With administration and workshops now located in Dandenong, 30 kilometres south east of Melbourne, AXT exports globally with prompt, reliable service and guaranteed delivery.

We stock and supply a complete inventory of turbo components, from entire systems to individual parts.

On site the AXT Workshop can design and fit a system to suit your 4wd or upgrade existing factory fitted systems. The AXT Team are fitting, repair and service professionals.


Owning or purchasing your own Dyno system is quite expensive and sometimes not affordable for some mechanics, so they are left in a tricky place as many customers and clients wish to know the power and talk that their car is currently producing and what it potentially could produce. No problem! The AXT team has a brilliant proposal for you.

You take the bookings, we provide the Dyno. If your business can take in bookings, you can simply hire out our Dyno system and bring down the 4wd to be tested on the Dyno. You can also employ one of the specialised AXT mechanics to aid you in the testing and tuning of the vehicle your clients have handed over.

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 How We Help:


Turbochargers are a type of forced induction system. They compress the air flowing into the engine. The advantage of compressing the air is that it lets the engine squeeze more air into a cylinder, and more air means that more fuel can be added. Therefore, you get more power from each explosion in each cylinder. A turbocharged engine produces more power overall than the same engine without the charging. This can significantly improve the power-to-weight ratio for the engine.

In order to achieve this boost, the turbocharger uses the exhaust flow from the engine to spin a turbine, which in turn spins an air pump.

Turbochargers allow an engine to burn more fuel and air by packing more into the existing cylinders. The typical boost provided by a turbocharger is 6 to 8 pounds per square inch (psi). Since normal atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi at sea level, you can see that you are getting about 50 percent more air into the engine.

TD42GQa updated
In the Blue was a TD42 GQ when it was brought in, the Red is the same car with a X11 installed and an engine tune.

Trouble Shooting:

Got a sound/whir/noise/smoke/liquid coming from your car that you have no clue where it is coming from or why it is happening? The team at AXT will be able to diagnose any and every problem with the 4wd due to their expertise in the Turbo Diesel 4wd industry.

Diesel Injectors:

Many, many problems to do with a turbo diesel are wrongly self-assessed as dirty diesel injectors. A quick search via google will have you buying every known product off of ebay to clean your injectors without actually having a mechanic look at the problem.

Don’t waste money that’s not needed and don’t take any chances ruining your diesel injectors. Come to the team at AXT Turbo and let us properly take a look at your injectors, run a test and decide whether or not the problem could be worn injectors, dirty injectors or completely unrelated to them. Leave the health of you car in the hands of the experts at AXT, not google.